My SharePoint Experiences

During my time supporting SharePoint I have come across some interesting cases where there wasn’t any information publicly available or the information out there was not complete enough to resolve these issues.

So I’ve taken it upon my self to document these unique SharePoint issues for everyone’s consumption in hopes these will assist in resolving your related SharePoint issues.

SharePoint Realms and Why They Are Important
SharePoint 2013 Publishing Feature and Limited Access
SharePoint 2013/2016 Copy-SPTaxonomyGroups
RSA Machine Keys and SharePoint Service Applications
SharePoint and OAuth Troubleshooting
SharePoint and the infamous People Picker
SharePoint & Custom Claims When Consuming Service Applications
Azure AD SharePoint On-Premises Single Sign-On App with Multiple
On Premises endpoints
SharePoint On-Premises Integration With Azure AD and Guest Accounts
C2WTS, UAC, and Token cannot be zero
SharePoint Kerberos Cross-Forest Authentication KDC_ERR_S_PRINCIPAL_UNKNOWN
SharePoint SSRS reports access denied after UPN suffix change